Welcome to the Philgallery.

We are a small company with a big project: we want to show the beauty of the Philippine Islands through their own original handcrafts. But every big project is made by small steps.

This archipelago is constituted by more than seven thousands islands and sixty ethnological groups. Different arts and styles were born from this big variety of cultures.

Even though the technology and the industrial progress are changing the face of this Country, the people don’t want to forget his history and heritage.

So travelling through the Philippines means travelling through many different cultures, still now very proud to show their traditions and customs to all the visitors.

Every province hides an original native art. We have travelled a lot in the Philippines and we have decided to start this plan. We want to open a unique art gallery that collects the most beautiful treasures of all this Country, from the ancient Luzon to the mysterious Mindanao, from the unknown Romblon to the unexplored Palawan.

We are just born, but we are not like a baby that can always change his ideas and dreams. We are like a seed that, growing up, will become a strong tree with colourful leaves, wonderful flower and sweet and juicy fruits.

This is the time to discover an antique and fascinating art, give harmony and personality to your modern style.

Welcome to the place where Asia wears a smile

Welcome to the Philippines.

Philgallery fine art from Philippines